Main Street seemed to be a good spot; they didn't need much room for pills & such. Slowly, this changed as more and more items were being called for. Not long after, in their own fashion, each man married and with the pretty wives came the pretty ideas. So the men added powders, paints & pretty trinkets to the store. But why stop there? The next addition was an ice cream & soda pop counter with tables & chairs for the women to gossip and catch up with neighbors and friends, while also being car hops when the curb service was installed.

Thru the years, there were children to feed & clothe & more space & items were added to the store. As always, growth requires more help, and so another man that counted pills was added to the staff. Now, since one partner had only daughters that wanted no part in counting pills, and the other two sons with the same notion. And so another partner was added to the staff to help complete their dream. 

And so the store went on to become the men's dream. The store served not only as a way of life for the young men & their families, but it provided first jobs for many, many young people. Now at last the job they started with kindness, courtesy and hard work had reached it's goal, the dream of oh so long ago. The men decided it was time to let the younger men take the old dream and turn it into even more than they could visualize. And what you see today is what they had always dreamed! And so the story goes of Bill & Tom & Mack & Jack and the making of a drug store known as Coker Hampton's.

By: J.P. Coker

The story begins with two young men with a dream. One from the flatlands (Hagler) and one from the foothills of the Ouchita Mountains. 
Both men were urged to attend college to learn more than farming. During this time, the two men decided that pills & poultices would be their road to fame & fortune, and after many years of studying & hard work, the two men's paths would finally cross after realizing they had the same dream. 

The two men decided to open shop in the middle of the prairie, as no one needed their knowledge and help as much as the farmers and hunters.The men added some salves & lineaments, as they could use the extra money. 
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